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LVD Strippit introduces a new range of press brakes to its bending product line. PPED Series hydraulic press brakes feature a multi-axis backgauge, CNC crowning system, and a 15″ version of LVD’s exclusive TOUCH-B graphical icon-driven CNC controller. Combined, these machine features provide users with greater flexibility and enhanced capability for a variety of bending applications.

A cost-efficient design married with LVD precision and reliability delivers true application flexibility. Practical and easy to use, PPED Series press brakes are ideal for a wide range of bending jobs. Their rigid construction and servo-controlled hydraulic system ensure consistent bending results no matter the application. The PPED Series offers three models (PPED-4, PPED 6 and PPED-7) with either two (X, R) or four (X, R, Z1, Z2) standard backgauge axes. A multi-axis backgauge makes the PPED highly versatile and reduces machine setup time across simple to complex bending jobs.

The multi-axis backgauge combined with LVD’s TOUCH-B control makes higher productivity possible. This user-friendly touch screen CNC control minimizes operator input and makes part programming easy and intuitive. With minimal input, the operator can create designs in 2D and simulate in 3D on the 15″ touch screen. Dimensions are simply keyed into the controller or the part program is recalled from storage. Users can also work with standard and custom parametric programs for rapid programming. TOUCH-B works with the centralized database and is compatible with CADMAN-JOB and CADMAN-B.

The PPED-7 model in bending lengths from 3 meters and up is equipped with a crowning system as standard. Sheet thickness, bend length, punch radius, die opening and material data are entered into the TOUCH-B control to determine the amount of crowning required to compensate for bed and ram deflection. LVD’s proprietary design creates a perfect ‘crown’ using accurately machined contact wedges that are moved against each other under servo control.

The PPED is available in different models from 50 to 320 metric tons, bend lengths from 78” to 157” (2000 to 4000 mm).


LVD Strippit showcases Industry 4.0-ready sheet metalworking products that optimize the fabrication process. Join us at FABTECH booth C31079 and experience our latest bending, cutting and software products, all designed to make smart manufacturing possible.

  • Phoenix FL 6 kW fiber laser cutting system combines cost efficiency and dynamic laser cutting in a highly flexible machine able to cut a range of material types and thicknesses. The Phoenix fiber laser features an auto-focus/auto-zoom cutting head for high quality cutting performance.
  • ToolCell 135/30 automated tool changing press brake maximizes bending productivity through an integrated storage of tooling, housed within the machine. Tools are precisely and automatically placed in and out of the bending zone, eliminating manual tooling setup and adjustments.
  • The Dyna-Press high-speed electric press brake bends at speeds of 59-inches per minute, producing more parts per hour at a lower cost per part. The electric ram minimizes power consumption. A new 40-ton model features a four-axis backgauge for greater bending flexibility.
  • The CADMAN® software suite with new CADMAN-SDI module offers full process integration and optimized process flow. CADMAN looks at the big picture and helps streamline the complete fabrication process – from production control, communication, planning and management to punching, bending and laser cutting.

See these products in operation at FABTECH booth C31079.

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LVD is a heavy bending specialist, having built and installed custom heavy-duty press brakes as large as 3000 tons. Recently completed is a custom-designed PPEB-H 1600-ton 12-meter press brake. Soon to be installed, the machine will be bending parts for the transportation industry.  

Servo-controlled with advanced hydraulics and electronics, the custom press brake can form parts up to 12 meters long. The machine has an opening table/ram of 1070 mm, cylinder stroke of 600 mm and a gap of 1000 mm. It features heavy-duty CNC sheet followers T1-T2-T3, each supporting a maximum 600 kg, adjustable along the length of the press brake for handling large plate material. It is equipped with a 9-axis heavy back gauge and automatic programmable bed crowning. The machine is also designed for a tandem set up with a PPEB-H 640-ton 4.5-meter press brake.

Sophisticated features

Modern technology and material handling options make the job of bending heavy plate easier.

  • LVD’s Easy-Form® in-process angle monitoring and correction system adapts the ram position in real-time to ensure precise, consistent bending. The bending process is not interrupted, and no production time is lost.
  • The TOUCH-B touch-screen control and integrated CADMAN-B software help ensure accuracy on the first bend and consistent accuracy thereafter, and reduce the time it takes to go from part program to finished part.
  • Programmable gauges, sheet followers, front sheet supports and other material handling equipment add to the overall efficiency of the bending operation and are often a necessity for precise bending of large, hard-to-handle work pieces.

Why 1600 tons?

Heavy plate fabricators in industries like heavy equipment, ship building, defense, and transportation, working with high tensile steels and fabricating parts in materials greater than 6 mm in thickness, turn to high-tonnage press brakes to:

  • Fabricate parts in medium to large sections
  • Bend tough steel plate
  • Form long parts in a single pass
  • Reduce the number of welds and secondary processing operations
  • Gain versatility in producing large parts

Do you have big bending needs? Contact us at marketing@lvd.be.



LVD Strippit has expanded its Dyna-Press Series of compact, high-speed electric press brakes with the addition of the Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus, a new 40-ton model that offers a working length of 60” (1530mm) featuring a precision four-axis back gauge and LVD’s exclusive TOUCH-B touch screen CNC control.

Like the other Dyna-Press models in LVD Strippit’s product portfolio, the new Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus is designed to efficiently bend parts at high bending speeds of 59” per minute (25 mm/s), producing more parts per hour at a lower cost per part. The coupling of the ram and servomotors is realized through two heavy-duty ball screws to distribute force and tonnage evenly across the working length. The electric ram offers smooth transition from approach to working speed and minimizes power consumption through the use of an optimal power to inertia motor ratio.


In addition to the fast acting ram and higher bending force, the newest Dyna-Press provides impressive production capabilities with extremely consistent repeatability and accuracy, as well as the flexibility to handle a broader range of parts through a precision four-axis back gauge.

The TOUCH-B 15-inch touch screen control makes setup fast and efficient. The CNC control minimizes operator input and makes part programming easy and intuitive. With minimal input, the operator can create 2D and simulate in 3D on the 15-inch touch screen. The TOUCH-B control also offers network connection with CADMAN®-B programming software for added flexibility.

The Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus is ergonomically designed, a front support table gives the operator the option to work in a seated or standing position.

LVD Strippit’s new Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus joins the Dyna-Press 12/8, 24/12 and 24/12 Plus models. All Dyna-Press press brakes offer the flexibility of tooling choice. An extensive range of tooling styles are available for both punches and dies.

The LVD Group is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of sheet metal/plate working machine tools and software solutions, including laser cutting systems, punch presses, press brakes, guillotine shears and mid-level automation systems, integrated and supported by its CADMAN® PC-based Windows® compatible software.

For more information, contact Strippit, Inc. 12975 Clarence Center Road, Akron, NY 14001, USA. Tel. (716) 542-4511, Fax (716) 542-5957, e-mail: marketing@strippit.com or www.lvdgroup.com.  

The Latest Bending Technology – LVD Strippit at FABTECH Mexico


Visit LVD Strippit at FABTECH Mexico, May 4-6, Centro Banamex, Mexico City, booth 2928, as we spotlight the latest bending technology and software sure to improve the efficiency and productivity of your shop.

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